Bathtub, Tile, Shower, Sink Refinishing.

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Bathtub, Tile, Shower, Sink Refinishing.

Why Replace, When You Can Reglaze!

A replacement is costly and comes with lots of inconveniences such as dirt, dust, noise and downtime to name just a few. Why all this hassle when a professional reglaze job can do the same in no time for a fraction of a replacement cost.

Our safe product turns your old bathtub into a shining bathtub that is pleasant to use and relax in.

Can't wait to soak in your new tub? We can make it happen and in just 24 hours it's all ready for you to enjoy!

When you decide for reglazing your bathtub, you might consider giving your entire bathroom a new look by refinishing your ceramic wall tiles as well. It is not only beautiful, but also very practical as the grout is sealed in completely. You don't have to worry about mildew any more as the sealing prevents it from occurring.

We provide professional refinishing at the best prices in town. We use only top quality materials. Our work is 100% guaranteed to last.

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