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What is the Mental Math?


Mental math is a skill in which students learn that how to perform calculations in their heads without the aid of paper and pencil, calculators, or other tools.

Mental arithmetic involves mentally performing arithmetic calculations (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), without the use of a pen and paper or gadgets.

Quick calculations and estimates can be made utilizing arithmetic skills like division, multiplication, and double facts by using mental math.

In fact, mental math keeps our minds active and agile. Like muscles, the brain also gets stronger and more effective with use.

An abacus consists of a rectangular frame with a number of vertically arranged rods, each with a number of beads that can freely slide up and down.

The beads, rods and movements of said beads, represent numbers, place values, and various arithmetic calculations, respectively.

Math is an important subject for all school age children. It is a part of our everyday mundane life. We teach you the how to clear the math’s doubt without using a calculator, pen.

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